A maximum of 20 guests sail on the Dahabiya. We deliberately choose small groups to contributes to the intimate atmosphere during the trip. The guide speaks Dutch, but if all participants prefer an English or German-speaking guide, we can also arrange that.

Timetable Nile cruise:

Day 1

Arrive at Luxor or Hurghada airport and spend the night at the hotel.

Day 2

You will be picked up and together we will visit a number of sights in Luxor. At the end of the afternoon we leave for the port of Esna where we spend the night on the Dahabiya.

Day 3

We first visit the sights in Esna. Then we sail up the Nile and spend the night on the Dahabiya.

Day 4

After a boat trip to Edfu, we will visit the temple of Edfu and then return to Dahabiya to spend the night.

Day 5

We sail down the Nile and visit Kom Ombo. The Dahabiya is waiting for us for the night.

Day 6

You can fill in this day yourself. Do you not want to visit sights or do you want to see something extra? Our crew makes it possible for you. Tonight is your last night on the Dahabiya.

Day 7

We arrive at the final destination of our boat trip, the city of Aswan. We visit the sights here in the morning and after lunch we depart by bus to Luxor.

Day 8

After the overnight stay at the hotel in Luxor we will take you to Luxor or Hurgada airport. If you stay longer in Egypt, we will bring you to your hotel in Luxor or Hurgada

Arrange before departure:

The Dutch need a visa for Egypt. You can buy it on arrival at the airport or request it in advance online.  A visa costs about € 25,00. Many guests choose to see more of this beautiful country in addition to this boat trip. Everyone can make their own choice. Therefore, airline tickets and accommodation in the cities are not included in the price of the boat trip. Of course we will advise you how to arrange this practically, because we want your entire holiday in Egypt to be a fantastic adventure.

During the trip:

To make it as easy as possible for you, we will pick you up for the Nile Cruise from your hotel in Luxor or Hurghada or the local airport. We will of course bring you back afterwards.

During this boat trip we will make a number of excursions to visit beautiful sights. Transport during these excursions is included in the price.

Your stay on the boat lasts for five nights. We arrange the breakfasts, lunches, dinners, as well as soft drinks, coffee and tea.

Our Egyptian chef prepares delicious dishes from the local cuisine. If you are allergic to anything or if you have special eating requirements, please let us know in advance so that the cook can take this into account.

For your convenience and safety, we ask you to always follow the instructions of the crew. Make it easy for them to improve your holiday enjoyment and that of your fellow passengers.

  • We have life jackets on board for both adults and children.
  • Smoking is permitted on board the Dahabiya Hapi in a specially designated area of ​​the upper deck.
  • There is a second boat that will tow the Dahabiya Hapi when there is no wind. As a result, we can always sail. The crew of this boat consists of a captain and 2 sailors who also assist in the docking of the Dahabiya Hapi.

When we visit temples and mosques, we ask to respect the local dress code. Visitors’ entrance will be refused if they fail to comply with this. 

That means that women are asked to cover their shoulders and for men to put on long pants and shoes. Shoes are not allowed in the mosque.